Review: Love Battlefield (2004)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

Well that was a surprise.

Absolutely no expectations for this film. Has heard vague rumours that this was a good film but have been so preoccupied lately that I only paid them lip service. In retrospect, I don’t even think I paid much attention to the synopsis walking into the film. And any of you who do have plans to see this film, I think this is probably the best state to see this film in – so stop reading now.

That’s right. Just go and see the film. It is worth your while. I start talking about it and it’ll be like me telling you the girl in the Crying Game is a man.




Still reading? Well I tried. Look. Love Battlefield starts off like a rom-com with what seems like a premise akin to Love on the Rocks that soon turns itself completely around into a hostage drama with some very cool mainland gansters. See. That plot twist alone is revealed in the synopsis, and my experience of not expecting it at all gave it so much weight when it did happen that I was completely blown away.

Anyway, trying to keep it general. OK, the two head gangsters are just amazing with a real emotional depth to their character that puts the opening relationship to shame. I suppose the rest of the gang don’t have much development but then they don’t have much more than supporting roles so OK, the thug is pretty much just a thug. Performances from Niki and Eason are really quite good. Their insipid behaviour in the beginning is such contrast to the eventful nature of their relationship as it develops under the adversity of the kidnapping until the very end that is an absolute joy to watch unfold.

The direction is really quite surprising as well. It is really interesting how it maintains and builds tension while gradually telegraphing the outcome in a manner I haven’t seen before. Once the film gets going, there is that real and constant sense of desperation that permeates the film and yet the characters react in a quite a sympathetic manner.

I repeat – Love Battlefield is an amazing film that is suspenseful and surprisingly emotional. Just trust me and go see for yourself while you have the chance.

9.5 Desperate Situations out of 10.
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