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The New Option (2002)

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With Hong Kong, until recently, being a self governed province, there’s really little call for them to have a standing army. Which makes it a shame as it limits Hong Kong’s film industries ability to make films about the military… or so one would think. Fortunately we have the SDU to save us from such a glaring whole in their cultural fabric.

The SDU is basically a paramilitary group that specialises in urban operations involving small squads of well trained, … (read more)

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Expect the Unexpected (1998)

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This is one of the bleak new wave of post-Handover HK crime films which include Full Alert, Beast Cops and A True Mob Story. Like those films, the characters here are very Hong Kong, but in a Hong Kong the place sense rather than a Hong Kong the movie myth sense. The opening is dynamite. Three inept Mainland robbers botch a jewel store holdup. One of them flees into a nearby apartment building, inadvertently leading the police to … (read more)

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The Death Curse (2003)

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Let’s not beat around the bush. This film is a Star vehicle for our lovely little Canto-pop stars, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung aka Twins so that alone lends itself to somewhat low expectations. Which is odd because their two previous cinematic outings together, Just One Look and The Twins Effect, have actually been quite a bit of fun to watch. So is The Death Curse third time unlucky?

Well no, not really. Like The Twins Effect we have … (read more)

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Love Battlefield (2004)

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Well that was a surprise.

Absolutely no expectations for this film. Has heard vague rumours that this was a good film but have been so preoccupied lately that I only paid them lip service. In retrospect, I don’t even think I paid much attention to the synopsis walking into the film. And any of you who do have plans to see this film, I think this is probably the best state to see this film in – so stop reading … (read more)

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Love Undercover 2: Love Mission (2003)

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About 20 mins into this harebrained Canto comedy, Miriam Yeung shrugs her shoulders and says “I’m a goof!” Daniel Wu asks her to be serious; she looks at him firmly and says slowly, “I… am… a… goof…”.

That pretty much sums up why it is hard to take her or the film seriously; she’s just goofing around. The flick has its moments, mostly at the start, with a couple of nifty sequences which show how she was demoted after her … (read more)

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