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Infernal Affairs (2002)

Andrew Lau, director/cinematographer of this film, has previously brought us such classics as the Young And Dangerous series, and the special effects fest Stormriders. However, he should also be held responsible for films such as the confusing Bullets Of Love (which I can’t help thinking of as “Bullets Urve Lurrrrve”) and the utterly tosspottish Wesley’s Mysterious File, in which the only mystery was how such a respectable cast were persuaded to show their faces in such drivel.

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Return Engagement (1990)

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Well, those hoping for a big dose of Andy Lau will be the first to be disappointed with this film: the headlined star gets only about 15 minutes of screen time. The real star is Andy Tang, who does well enough, and really looks the part of a triad kingpin released from jail and searching for his daughter, but he’s not Wah-jai. Others might not be overly thrilled when they discover that the Wong Kar Wai who penned this script … (read more)

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Moment of Romance (1990)

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This movie is one of the all-time classics of Hong Kong cinema. It’s a tragic urban love story that’s strong enough to make Romeo and Juliet pack up their bat and ball and go home. Andy Lau, as Wah Dee, the young triad member, showed here that he was more than just a matinee idol. Wu Sien Lien, as Jo Jo, is luminous and innocent.

Although the film shows its age in some of the earlier scenes, and things like … (read more)

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Wesley’s Mysterious File (2002)

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A more appropriate title for this would be “Aliens Ate My Scriptwriter”. Honestly, I’d hoped for more from this: after all, the poster showed Andy in tight black clothing, accompanied by Hsu Chi and Rosamund Kwan. But alas, I was to be sadly disappointed. The science was of such a level of 1950s sophistication as to make the fluffy pseudo-science of For Bad Boys Only look as respectable as particle physics. I kept expecting one of the characters to say … (read more)

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Cat and Mouse (2003)

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The literal translation of the title of this flick is “Mouse falls in love with Cat” and the opposing Andy vs pouty Cecilia poster gave the impression in my gullible little mind that it would deliver a romantic story struggling against the odds or conquering the impossible… something along those lines. Perhaps some action thrown in for good measure or something amusing for 1.5 hours? I didn’t think I had very high expectations [sigh]

I haven’t heard much about the … (read more)

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Jiang Hu (2004)

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There’s a certain amount of cynicism involved with walking into a film like Jiang Hu. There’s the niggling doubt in the back of your mind that, with the recent success of the Infernal Affairs films, Jiang Hu is a quick attempt to cash in on a fashionable trend. I mean you look at the cast and there’s the majority of the core cast of the Infernal Affairs films (which, OK, isn’t all THAT exciting for a very local industry) … (read more)

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A World Without Thieves (2004)

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A World Without Thieves is a crime caper, a personal drama, a morality play, and a travelogue all rolled into one. Pretty impressive stuff, and a lot to pack into a bit less than 2 hours. The fact that it worked so well is a testament to the skills of cast and crew, and the fine script that managed to weave these disparate threads into whole cloth.

Mind you, the fact that the director is Feng Xiao Gang has a … (read more)

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A True Mob Story (1998)

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This one plays like a Chinese Goodfellas. Andy Lau is a small time mobster who goes ape with a cleaver one night to rescue his boss Prince from rival triad Crazy Ball and his gang. As a consequence he is promoted way beyond his station and his courage. Gigi Leung is the lawyer who represents him when he gets into hot water, much to the consternation of her special agent boyfriend. Andy is just trying to get by, but … (read more)

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