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Cat and Mouse (2003)

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The literal translation of the title of this flick is “Mouse falls in love with Cat” and the opposing Andy vs pouty Cecilia poster gave the impression in my gullible little mind that it would deliver a romantic story struggling against the odds or conquering the impossible… something along those lines. Perhaps some action thrown in for good measure or something amusing for 1.5 hours? I didn’t think I had very high expectations [sigh]

I haven’t heard much about the … (read more)

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Hard-Boiled (1992)

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There are two types of John Woo fan. There’s the John Woo fan who prefers The Killer, and there’s the John Woo fan who likes Hard-Boiled the best. Now, this is not to say that, in expressing a particular love for one film, the fan is immediately and necessarily prohibited from taking any pleasure from the Other Option – far from it! A fan of The Killer may still groove on Hard-Boiled and vice versa. But as much as … (read more)

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House Of Fury (2005)

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Well, it’s not Doctor Zhivago. But then, who thought that it would be? Director “Dimples” Fung shows once again that he’s got a fair grip on the mechanics of film-making, and can direct a popular film.

Okay, the star roster doesn’t hurt: there’s Dimples and Daniel Wu for those that like looking at pretty young men, there’s both Twins for those that like them, and there’s Anthony Wong and Wu Ma for those who enjoy watching good acting. And … (read more)

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Visible Secret (2001)

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Visible Secret was among the vanguard of the “My left eye sees ghosts” sub-sub-genre of films to come out of Hong Kong recently. And it’s a pretty good one, I must admit.

It’s an extremely visual film, not surprisingly. The colour palette is striking: lush, deep, drenched colours, lots of night-time settings, and dramatic lighting make it beautiful to look at. Some might also say that Hsu Qi makes it beautiful to look at, although I’m not in a glandular … (read more)

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Magic Kitchen (2004)

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I’m scared.

Not exactly the stock-standard opening would expect from a review of a romantic comedy. Of course, this fear has nothing to with Magic Kitchen itself – if anything Magic Kichen is actually quite an enjoyably romantic comedy with nary a scary moment.

No, what is a cause of concern is my complete inability to recall a Sammi Cheng film that I did not like at all. Without it, I’m not sure whether the warm fuzzies that tend to … (read more)

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Just One Look (2002)

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This hidden gem is easily one of the best Hong Kong releases for 2002. Get over that appalling bright blue poster that screams “Twins on summer holiday!”, and you’ll be well rewarded.

Just One Look is about love, movies, and love of movies. It’s set in the 1970s, and the two main characters spend all their days out the front of the local theatre. Behind them a succession of wonderful hand-painted boards advertise the movies of the day, from blazing … (read more)

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Demi-Haunted (2000)

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Let’s get my prejudices out in the open, OK? I have never been a particularly big fan of Chinese opera. Something to do with growing up and listening to it and not knowing what was going on and the constant clang of the percussion methinks. Even when I saw Farewell My Concubine, my eyes kind of glazed over when there were those (thankfully) few opera scenes. That and there seems on irregular intervals, bursts of hip-hop (another type of … (read more)

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