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Fantasia (2004)

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Yeah! Chinese New Year! Fireworks, Lion Dancing, Dragonboating, the colour, the energy, the food… and of course the mandatory CNY films out of Hong Kong to give us a kickstart into the new year of the Monkey.

And yes, Fantasia is one of those films that gives us a kick. Unfortunately not exactly the kind of kick you want to start the new year with (unless of course you LIKE rolling around the floor in pain – but who am … (read more)

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Lost in Time (2003)

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There is nothing quite like watching a performance from somebody you dismiss as just another pretty face. Yes that is right. It seems Cecilia is more of an actor than I ever gave her credit for previously. When I think of what I have seen her in it is really hard to get past the constant ham and overacting that seems so common in films from Hong Kong. Lost in Time is pretty much HER film and her dramatic abilities … (read more)

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Running on Karma (2003)

I have to admit to not expecting much out of this one. The few stills from the film looked pretty silly especially with Andy looking <INSERT ACCENT="austrian"> “mighty”. The synopsis is not exactly something that inspires a lot of confidence as well. With a line like that, you have a sneaking suspicion that they’d travel the countryside in a van solving mysteries.

And the opening scene with Andy doing a strip show and going the full monty… hey, where’d everyone … (read more)

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Second Time Around (2002)

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Jeff Lau has directed some of Hong Kong’s most inventive comedies — films such as All for the Winner, Eagle Shooting Heroes, Chinese Odyssey and others. He’s been absent from the screen since Black Rose in 1997, so it’s great to see him back behind the lens — particularly with Johnnie To in the producer’s chair.

The result is Second Time Around, which is a time travelling gambling comedy romance drama. If that’s defying classification, that’s because Jeff Lau … (read more)

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Mighty Baby (2002)

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If you think babies are adorable, then you might get something out of this film. If, like me, you don’t, then you might find this film as disappointing as I did.

Despite having a strong cast who try their best, this baby romance fails to follow up on the promise of La Brassiere. It would have been hard to make a sequel to that one, given that the nature of romantic comedies is to have all the appropriate cast … (read more)

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