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The Shinjuku Incident (2009)

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Jackie Chan has been making forays into more dramatic acting in the last few years — there were early attempts like Crime Story and Thunderbolt, and in the last few years we’ve had New Police Story and The Myth as well. But these have still been identifiably Jackie Chan movies — grueling stunts, inventive high-impact fight choreography, Jackie front-and-centre as the hero.

I didn’t think it very likely that we’d get one of those from director Derek Yee, though. … (read more)

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One Nite In Mongkok (2004)

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You might not think a lot can happen in one night, but then maybe you’ve never been to Mongkok, Hong Kong’s most densely populated area. At the heart of Derek Yee’s 2004 film One Nite in Mongkok is a city that never sleeps, that has so many streets and alleys and lanes and buildings and people, it might be more prudent to think that everything can happen. In an interesting departure from type, the director builds a suspenseful and refreshingly … (read more)

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Drink, Drank, Drunk (2005)

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Were you among those who (a) felt like your neck was snapped by the ending of One Nite in Mongkok , (b) felt completely numbed and brutalised by the whole experience or (c) watched it purely for its reputation but didn’t like it. Well, rejoice because Derek Yee has done a 180 back-flip and lightened up considerably with his latest effort, Drink, Drank, Drunk.

Starring the effervescent Miriam Yeung and the currently ubiquitous Daniel Wu, this is charming romantic … (read more)

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Lost in Time (2003)

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There is nothing quite like watching a performance from somebody you dismiss as just another pretty face. Yes that is right. It seems Cecilia is more of an actor than I ever gave her credit for previously. When I think of what I have seen her in it is really hard to get past the constant ham and overacting that seems so common in films from Hong Kong. Lost in Time is pretty much HER film and her dramatic abilities … (read more)

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Viva Erotica (1996)

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This film starts with a bang. Literally. It’s the most enthusiastic bonking scene I’ve ever witnessed: Leslie Cheung and Karen Mok going at it with a fervour that, let’s say, is more suited to a sprint than a marathon. And a fine couple they make too: Karen Mok, she of the endless legs, with Leslie Cheung, who’s so entirely delectable that he’s probably a sex-poppet for all creatures chordate (that is, possessing a spinal cord, basically. I draw the line … (read more)

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