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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (2006)

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Before we start, anyone reading this, who is unfamiliar with Black Lagoon should take a few minutes to read the review for that as Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (to be known from this point on as BL: TSB) is a direct continuation of the series, so while you go read that I’ll sit here and drink some tea… Its okay I’ve got the time to wait and my tea is quite tasty… ahhhh… that’s good tea. You’re back. … (read more)

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Black Lagoon (2006)

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Back in 2006 when our great land was run by a nerd with glasses and petrol prices were rising, I went to my first Anime Convention. Manifest ’06 was weekend of anime and the ultra addictive foodstuff that has become the food of choice for Otaku everywhere. Over that glorious wonderful weekend — where it can quite safely be said that I had developed a bizarre fixation on violence (known as a bloodlust) — I first saw Black Lagoon. … (read more)

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (2005)

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2008 – for bizarre mathematical reasons that are way beyond me – might be the year time travel is invented, or mulitverses are discovered. The largest particle smasher the world has ever seen is being booted up in Switzerland in May, and physicists the world over are so excited by the incredible, almost unimaginable possibilities that could result from experiments in this accelerator that they can barely contain themselves.

It’s a pretty exciting prospect, that they might discover six impossible … (read more)

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Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (2004)

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Beck begins the compelling story of a boy who discovers who he is through music. A teenage boy meets an amazing guitar player and together they form the band Beck. Follow the band’s ever-challenging road to fame, as told through the eyes of the impressionable boy.

As much as I am prepared to dive off the nearest stage in appreciation of Madman releasing the single finest anime of the year, that above synopsis must have been written by a … (read more)

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Gilgamesh (2003)

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Long has mythology and history inspired anime. Remember Studio Pierrot’s Mysterious Cities of Gold back in the 80’s, where ancient South American technology was set against the backdrop of a boy’s search for his father? Or how about something from more recent memory, like Rah Xephon for example, where oracles and obscure references to the Greek arts take centre stage? Even the epic Neon Genesis Evangelion could be said to draw upon aspects of religious mythology, making a good argument … (read more)

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Gantz (2004)

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Imagine, if you will, the afterlife. Guns, nano-suits, a black sphere in a blank room and a mission that makes no sense with a group of strangers you’ve only just met.

Not exactly Old Testament, is it, but it’s not as much of a stretch between theology and this series than you might think. When something of a reluctant selfless deed results in tragedy, Kei and Kato are transported, not to the Pearly Gates, but into a 2DLK apartment and … (read more)

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