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Space Dandy (2014)

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Space Dandy opens with a diatribe about boobs.

I know. Classy, right? Well, I guess there’s no arguing that boobs get your attention. Just the word is kind of distracting. Boobs. You’re distracted, right? I’m using them to distract you from realising this review isn’t nearly as loftily intellectual as I’d like it to be, and Shinichiro Watanabe is possibly using them to distract you from noticing that Space Dandy isn’t nearly as instantly fantastic as his other shows were.… (read more)

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Claymore (2007)

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Have you ever wondered how reviewing works? When a series has shapeshifting demons (Yoma), a Euro medieval setting and a secret society of warrior women from the Joan of Arc finishing school for badass demon slayers with an armour dress code that suggests a feudal Britney Spears – sight unseen that is a (6). When said series is produced by Madhouse, creators of the original and genre-defining demon-slaying fest Ninja Scroll, you’re looking at least a (7) up to (9). … (read more)

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Gun X Sword (2006)

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Gun X Sword creates a sense of unease right from the get go. Its hero Van’s (literal) Puritan attire of uncocked, felt hat and black longcoat seem to be cast offs from Vampire Hunter D. The hand-me-downs don’t end there. Van is not only a dead-ringer for Cowboy Bebop’s Spike but his personality is a facsimile right down to his melancholy indifference to the world around him. Finally, Gun X Sword’s setting, the planet Endless Illusion, is a futuristic … (read more)

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Blue Gender: The Warrior (2004)

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Blue Gender: The Warrior falls squarely into the "fish out of post-apocalyptic water" genre. Yugi, who has been asleep for twenty-two years, is awakened to discover himself in a war zone with giant bugs. As is the case with late arrivals, he spends much of his time proclaiming that, ‘things can’t be all bad’ before wandering into dangerous situations with said bugs. Naturally the Blue offer no concessions to Yugi, keen to employ their strategy of tearing humans in two, … (read more)

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Azumanga Daioh (2002)

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Azumanga Daioh is like a cute puppy… infected with rabies.
Rather than changing this situation, the producers of Azumanga Daioh decided it was going to have more fun foaming at the mouth and gnashing its teeth. And that’s a good thing, folks.
When you have to produce a straightforward anime series about the school lives of 16 year old girls, you know the concept isn’t going to keep anime folks awake at night in anticipation ..well, maybe for some.

The … (read more)

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Infinite Ryvius (1999)

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Wearing its Neon Genesis Evangelion influences on both of its sleeves, Infinite Ryvius multiplies the number of kids, removes most of the giant robots and keeps the teenage angst simmering at about the same temperature.

Our nominal hero Kouji is a deadringer for Evangelion’s Shinji Ikari right down to the haircut and white short sleeve shirt. Unlike Shinji’s paternal issues, Kouji’s emotional problems come in the form of his younger brother, the rakishly handsome but moody Yuuki, who harbours … (read more)

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