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Yatterman (2009)

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Years ago, I saw Takashi Miike’s Gozu. When the film finished a certain reviewer behind me laughed for about a minute, then drew breath and exclaimed “What the f*ck was that all about?”

That’s Miike for you. And so welcome to Yatterman, a film that’s kind of like inserting that weird popping candy into your eyeballs. But not, as it happens, a WTF flick for the right reasons.

Yatterman was originally a ’70s anime on the telly that … (read more)

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Ring 2 (1999)

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Don’t you just love it when you’re watching a bone-chilling horror movie [eg. Ring or The Shining] and you can feel your blood starting to congeal and you lose sensation in your legs because you’re concentrating so hard on what’s going to happen?

Well, Ring 2 isn’t one of those films. Instead it’s a horror film that is creepy like its predecessor, but only gives you a mild tingling sensation, kind of like if your cat unexpectedly brushes against … (read more)

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