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2046 (2004)

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Astonishingly lush images lend 2046 a surface beauty unparalleled in previous Wong Kar-wai films, giving it a distinctive grainy ‘look’ that is difficult to faithfully describe. Production designer (and film editor) William Chang and cinematographers Chris Doyle, Lai Yiu-fai (Love Will Tear Us Apart, Infernal Affairs) and Kwan Pun Leung (Lavender, director of The Making of Happy Together) create textured, absorbing visuals that envelop the screen and make it shimmer, suffocating 2D space. This … (read more)

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The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993)

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Apparently, this one was made in a break in the filming of Ashes of Time, with mostly the same cast, and mostly the same characters, but absolutely none of the same seriousness. It’s more wacky than a firkin* of very wacky things, and will make your brain revolve at speed.

There’s no way to adequately describe most of this, except to say that the costumes are lavishly satinned, the performances are lavishly over-the-top, and seeing this will possibly answer … (read more)

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Police Story (1985)

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Police Story has been called the greatest action film of all time. That’s making a big claim, and I’m not certain it’s true, but I am certain that this film is a fine example of Jackie doing what Jackie does best: taking a beating from bad guys, good guys, cars, furniture, and assorted household items.

The film opens with a stakeout leading to a spectacular chase down the side of a mountain, smashing through a shanty town on the slope. … (read more)

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Police Story 3: Supercop (1992)

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The Police Story series is one of Jackie Chan’s best-loved series of films. The first one, made in 1985, is lauded by many as one of the best action films ever made. As well as showing off Jackie’s talents, they made stars of actresses Maggie Cheung (Jackie’s long-suffering girlfriend in the first three films) and Michelle Yeoh, who almost out-stunts Jackie in Police Story III.

It’s a slower film than the first two Police Stories, this one. Made … (read more)

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Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996)

Far too many punters insert the word “action” after “Hong Kong”, and only define the territory’s output by flying kicks and boiling lead; while many mainstream filmgoers might turn their nose up at Hong Kong films for exactly the same reason. Peter Chan’s romance Comrades: Almost a Love Story bucks all such trends, being equal to the greatest dramas from any country.

Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai feature as mainlanders who have come to Hong Kong; she wants to get … (read more)

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Twin Dragons (1992)

Fun action romp featuring a cameo from virtually everyone in the HK film industry. This was made in support of a film industry move to get corruption out of the industry. Don’t know how well it worked, but it’s typical Jackie action, and you’ll have fun spotting famous faces.… (read more)

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The Seventh Curse (1986)

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This may be the stupidest film I’ve ever seen; I loved it.

It’s a pulp adventure barely starring Chow Yun-fat as the hero Wisely; 90% of the film follows the exploits of his doctor/explorer/martial artist friend Dr Yuan (Chin Siu Ho), who’s a man with a problem: when he’s about to have sex, he’s smitten with a damn unsatisfying Thai curse which makes bullets burst from his body. That’s gotta cramp anyone’s style.

The only way to solve the matter … (read more)

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