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Serial Experiments LAIN (1998)

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“We’re all connected” – so goes the saying in LAIN. This oft repeated message is the mantra that the masses live by in Lain’s world and when you think about it, ours too – we have to be technically savvy, zooming on the information superhighway and most importantly we have to be connected.

Lain, the protagonist of the series is thirteen, a junior high-schooler and considered slightly strange among her compatriots – she’s computer illiterate. Compounded by her shy … (read more)

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Kino’s Journey (2003)

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Kino’s Journey is oddly ephemeral, like a dream where things make a strange kind of intangible sense, where whatever happens seems to elude true logic once awake. Or it’s like a mythology, a series of fairy tales where each story seems like a lesson the learner knows they must grasp, because the meanings can be felt, but not seen clearly. Each incomprehensible, beautiful country Kino and the sentient motorcycle Hermes visit is yet another piece of what seems to be … (read more)

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Colorful (2005)

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I’ve got to say when I say when I saw this title in Madman’s Christmas release catalog, my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Japan’s obsession with panties has been so well documented as to render it banal. And it’s not as if it is a cultural phenomenon that stands up to extended analysis. At the end of the day, it’s the adolescent male snigger that comes from discovering a woman in a short skirt has inadvertently failed … (read more)

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